Finding Inner Peace and Guidance: And Other Practical Reasons for Going to Church

It can’t be denied that most people’s lifestyle these days is much faster and so much more solitary than in previous generations. Not only are most of the population more compelled to work longer hours – some even have to juggle more than one job at once – they’re also pressured to work harder because of the competitiveness in the industry. Even students are constantly stressed because of their academic workload, not to mention the piling college debt they have to pay. 

The world might be advancing, but it seems that people are constantly stumbling to keep up with the pace. The younger generation might have the advantage of better technology and improved standards of living, but society seems to grow impatient and materialistic. Moreover, even with the advent of the internet and social media connecting people to the world at a moment’s notice, an actual human connection isn’t as widespread as it used to. People, more often than not, just aren’t as enthusiastic to join social activities either because they don’t have the time or energy or because they’re too socially anxious to give it a go. 

As a result, countless people have admitted to being too stressed and incredibly lonely. Social media addiction has made personal and professional successes a competition. The economy’s instability has discouraged many young hopefuls from dreaming high. And, to top it all off, most people feel overwhelmed with their fast-paced life yet don’t know who or where to ask for help.  

Solace and Comfort in Church

Historically, a church has always provided the people with a sanctuary from the evils and hardships of the world. It’s the place where devotees seek comfort and peace in whenever they find themselves in trouble. Even when there’s no church service, people visit the church to pray or at least be alone in their thoughts for a while. The church has just the right kind of atmosphere for anyone to be able to gather their thoughts and calm themselves.

Which is why the recent rise of young people going to churchdespite not being religious (or even believing in the Christian god) is no surprise to many. An atheist going to a church isn’t as uncommon as some might be led to believe. Recent surveys showed that a fair percentage of the youth – mostly high school to college age students – admitted to going to churcha few times a week. These young people go to church whenever they feel the need to be in a quiet and peaceful place. They are comforted by the ambiance that the church provides, especially after a grueling work week or semester. They recognize the value of the church’s sacredness even if they don’t believe in the religion. 

This goes to show how much people crave for inner peace these days. People are drawn to the church not only because of their faith but also because of the cathartic effects of simply being in a church. Even stepping inside the building and sitting down for a few moments is enough for a person to collect their thoughts and regain their energy. And with how fast-paced and chaotic the world is, everyone needs a place where they can feel safe and calm.

More Practical Reasons Why People Go to Church

Besides seeking solace, people go to church for some other reasonsas well. Some involve spiritual growth, others more to do with social and emotional support. Here are just a few other reasons:

Engaging in one’s community through church activities and events

Generally, the church organizes social activities a few times a year, whether it’s for a religious holiday (such as Easter and Christmas) or non-religious holiday. For many people, the church is their only opportunity to get to know their community or. Church activities are also casual enough for one to mingle with one’s peers but also formal enough for people to be obligated to maintain proper decorum. 

One’s social circle can expand if one actively participates in one’s church. The people one meets and befriends at church are also often more diverse than in any other social environment since the church draws people from all walks of life. For those who love being around people (and for those who don’t do well around people and want to be better), a church is a great place to go to socialize.

Getting opportunities for outreach programs and leadership activities

Besides merely participating in events, one can also volunteer to help at the church. Most churches have regular charity drives where one can donate or volunteer at. One can experience the satisfaction of charity work and – for students and aspiring leaders – gain school credit from the volunteer work. 

One can also hone one’s leadership skills by spearheading church activities. No matter how big or small a church is, they’re almost always short-staffed and undermanned. If one has the predilection for leading a team (or want to learn how to), volunteering at church can go a long way. 

Having emotional support

If one is an active member of one’s church, the chances are that one has a good relationship with the other churchgoers. In times of trouble, one can rely on these friends for support and help. A friendship built on faith is undoubtedly strong and enduring. One will feel the people at church backing them in any of one’s endeavors, which can greatly boost one’s confidence and spirit.

Being able to replenish one’s energy and recollect one’s thoughts regularly

As mentioned earlier, in today’s environment, it’s more important than ever to find time to clear one’s thoughts to obtain inner peace. After all, it’s never a good idea to keep bottling up one’s troubles and negative emotions. It’s advised to refresh one’s mind once every week so that one will be able to face the next week with a stronger mind and disposition.

Attending a church serviceis one sure fire way to replenish one’s energy for the week. Not only will one be in a peaceful environment, but one is also encouraged to ponder the week’s scripture. More often than not, people find the answers to their problems listening to a sermon. 

Being always reminded to strive to be better

Finally, people go to church so that they can be reminded that they have a duty as a Christianto always find ways to improve themselves. Church reminds one that one is merely human, prone to make mistakes and trouble, but that it’s okay as long as one makes sure to be better and do better in the future. 

Life-Changing Effects of Going to Church Regularly

Everyone in the world wants to attain lasting happiness. People want to be able to look at themselves in the mirror and be content with what they see. They want to sleep peacefully at night, satisfied with what they’ve achieved that day. And, more than anything, they want to be able to face their peers and be proud of who they are. 

This is the ultimate goal for most people, even if most don’t realize it. This simple goal might come in disguised as some other goal; usually one focused on materialistic possessions or academic titles. And while striving for self-improvement and success can give one a sense of accomplishment and pride, those that are too wrapped up in their shallow goals tend to lose sight of what they truly want and need.

There’s a reason why there have been countless movies made about a successful professional who can’t seem to be happy no matter how hard he or she tries. It’s an all too common pitfall, especially for the younger generation. People think that if they can get the perfect high-paying job, buy the most expensive house on the block, or reach the highest position in the company they can finally be happy. 

What most people fail to understand is that success and happiness don’t always go together. Not every successful person is happy and not every happy person can be considered (by society’s standards, at least) successful. Fortunately, striking a balance of the two can be pretty easy. With a little help from above, of course. 

Finding Guidance Through Church

A lot of people nowadays severely underestimate how the church can change their lives To them, the church is just a place they go to once a week, maybe even less than that. In their minds, a church could even be some chore they have to endure every once in a while, only because their family or significant other makes them go. 

People with that sort of mindset are generally the ones who can’t seem to be satisfied with anything in their lives. They might even be the ones who are the most frustrated with their lives because things aren’t going the way they had planned. These people, whether they realize it or not, are more than likely lost and in need of guidance to get back on track. Going to church regularly – and listening to the sermon and interacting with the people in the church – can help with that.

It’s been proven time and again just how effective going to church can be. Besides the positive spiritual effects, it also has physical, social, and emotional effects that can seriously transform a person’s life for the better. 

Here are just a few benefits of attending churchand being a more active member of one’s church:

Bonds the family 

Nowadays, parents often find themselves detached from their children’s lives. And because kids are at school for most of the week, parents don’t have much time with their sons or daughters. If they’re not careful, they could drift farther and farther apart from their children. That’s why it’s important for a family to go to church together. Church bonds a family, allows them to be with each other for a set amount of time. 

If a family has a weekly routine of going to church together, it’s more than likely that that family has a strong bond. As the old saying goes ‘a family that prays together, stays together.’

Better connection with your neighbors

People who go to church every week (and don’t leave the moment the service is over) are given the opportunity to talk to people they normally wouldn’t have the chance of mingling within normal days. A church is inherently a social activity. It’s meant to bring the people in the community closer together that’s why people are encouraged to stay around for a bit after service. 

Moreover, if one is new in town and wants to get to know the community, going to the church is the perfect place to start. One can socialize there and, more often than not, feel welcomed and accepted in the community. 

Reminder to give back to society

All churches often organize charity events, and they encourage people to donate and volunteer. For those who have always felt like they want to give back to society, going to church is a good opportunity. Whether it’s one’s time, energy, or money, one can offer it to church to help society in some way. 

Better mental health

There’s been a recent spike in suicide caused by depression in recent years. Mental health is extremely important, and one should never neglect it for one’s job or academic career. Going to church can provide one a brief respite and peace from the stress of regular life. Not only is the church a tranquil environment, one’s faith is a powerful tool to stay optimistic too. 

Additionally, studies have shown that those that regularly go to church are less likely to commit suicide. 

Learn one’s life purpose

People often struggle with their identity and purpose in life. No matter how smart or talented or hard working a person is, if they don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing with their life, they won’t be able to go anywhere. They’ll get stuck doing something the same thing over and over, never satisfied with themselves or with their life. The time that people are allotted in one lifetime is incredibly limited, so it makes sense why many have suffered from the question of what their purpose is in this world. 

Now, one church service isn’t going to tell a person point blank what their purpose is. Such an immense question isn’t likely going to be answered that easily. However, going to church can give one an idea of how to find and achieve their life’s purpose. Perhaps it will come in the form of a sermon, or of continuous volunteer work, or a conversation with a church friend. The bottom line is, the church is by far the ideal place where one can learn of one’s life purpose. 

Five Reasons Why Going to Church is Beneficial for One’s Spirituality and Health

Religion is perhaps one of the most powerful forces known to mankind. It brings people together and encourages and inspires society to aspire to be better than they are. Christianity is without a doubt the biggest and most influential religion in the world. With more than two billion followers from every corner of the globe, the Christian faith has shaped communities since it was founded. 

However, particularly in the west, there seems to be an incredibly noticeable decline in church attendance over the past decade. The younger generation seems to no longer feel inclined to attend church once a week. It has been said that this is because young men and women these days are too cynical and apprehensive of the church. Being the biggest form of religion in the world, Christianity has had quite a list of scandals and controversies over the years. Rampant news of such could have turned the youth away from the church. 

Another possible cause could be that most people don’t have the time or energy for a church, even if it’s only once a week. People’s fast-paced lifestyles don’t exactly afford them as many opportunities of rest beside the end of the week. These people probably don’t want to leave their bed on a Sunday after such a grueling work week. 

Or perhaps some people don’t see the point of going to church anymore. Even if they don’t have any ill feelings towards their faith or even if they can spare enough time once a week to go to mass, these types of people might not want to bother because, in their mind, there’s no merit to it.

This article will tackle the top five reasons why going to church is good for one’s spirituality as well as one’s overall health.  

Before detailing those reasons, it should first be clarified for a lot of people out there what a church means.

A church is a Community

One may have heard of this before, but it pays to keep in mind that the church is not about the establishment or individual believers, even if they have an authority in their faith. The church is – and should be – focused on the people. 

While it’s understandable to be disappointed and repulsed by the shocking news of priests or pastors caught committing heinous crimes, one should never forget that no one person embodies an entire faith. Not one person can carry a church. 

It might take a while to reconcile with the church but, for one’s own sake, it’s best to remember that a church is a community. It is getting together with other devotees, praying, worshipping, and serving others. One shouldn’t deprive one’s self of that simply because of the acts of a few. A church is much bigger than one could imagine.

5 Reasons Why Going to Church is Beneficial for the Body and Soul

#1 Opportunity to Reflect and Clear One’s Mind

For those who feel drained from working all week, consider the church as the perfect place to recharge for the upcoming week. Think about it. The church is a place where one can achieve peace and encouragement. After dealing with the non-stop stress at work, one needs to recuperate somehow. Getting that much-needed sleep is one thing. But replenishing one’s energy and optimism is much harder to come by. Not to mention one can’t do that at home.

People are imperfect beings, prone to forget, and guaranteed to get worn out. Going to church allows one the opportunity to remember what is truly important in life and what one’s purpose is. Sometimes one needs time to be alone to unwind. Other times one needs to be around their community, their church, to be at peace with themselves.

#2 Connect With the Community

Some people might have forgotten this, but a church service is a social activity. Probably the biggest social activity in the community for the most part. It’s no secret that people are getting more and more detached from their community. Unlike how it was decades ago, there isn’t as much of a bond within the local area. A church is one of the few remaining activities that brings people in the community together. It provides people with reasons to interact with their neighbors and get to know the familiar faces in their community.

While there are non-religious organizations one can join as well, it’s just not the same with the church. For one thing, non-religious organizations aren’t as common or as big as they used to be. For another, the people in those organizations most likely won’t be as diverse as the people in your choice. 

#3 Diversity of Ideas

Speaking of diversity, most people would be quite surprised that the church is a great avenue for a wide range of new ideas. Some people might be under the belief that the church discourages free thinking and contrasting ideas, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The church is composed of different people from all walks of life. This means different voices and different opinions. 

Going to church breaches one’s echo chamber, urging people to open their minds to new ideas. As a result, people will find it much easier to show empathy toward others.

#4 Improve Mental and Physical Health

Nowadays, there’s much emphasis on taking care of one’s health. Hundreds and thousands of cases have surfaced of people who had compromised their mental state and either harmed themselves or those around them. While for serious mental health issues, one should seek professional help, spiritual help through weekly church visits is incredibly helpful too. The church could provide a calming and relaxing environment, the ideal place for those suffering from stress or anxiety. Being around people would also be beneficial.

#5 Spiritual Growth

Lastly, and this is the most self-evident reason in this list, going to church benefits one’s spiritual growth. No matter how old people get, no matter how independent they become, they will still need spiritual guidance if they want to achieve ultimate happiness and success. If one stops going to church for some reason or other, they will stunt their spiritual growth. Even if they self-study the Scripture at home, they don’t have the training or knowledge to comprehend the more complex aspects of the bible fully. As a result, they will either misunderstand some parts of the bible or maybe even lose interest in their faith.

To be a well-adjusted and successful individual, one needs to take care of their spiritual growth. Going to church regularly is the best way to ensure this.